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Fall Break Service Trip:

A Simple House

Washinton, DC​

Who is A Simple House?
The work of A Simple House takes place in the poorest neighborhoods of America, and it includes spreading the gospel through prayer, evangelization, and good works. Missionaries are formed by the teaching of the Catholic Church. While missionaries serve at A Simple House, they live a simple religious life. Each missionary attends daily mass, says morning and evening prayer, and makes time for personal prayer and scripture study.  Missionaries visit families in project neighborhoods and the homeless in their camps. These visits aim to create an authentic friendship that benefits the poor and glorifies God. These friendships last for years and may continue even after missionaries move out of A Simple House.
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This Fall Break, CCM is taking a group to serve with A Simple House's missionaries.
A Simple House hosts college students from around the country at our Washington, DC location.  Our homes are a place where students can live the gospel through simplicity and service.  Students fully plunge into the lifestyle of a Simple House missionary for the week.  They stay with our missionaries in their houses, participate in our daily prayer and Mass commitments, bring home-cooked meals to our families, visit the homeless, and help with house projects. There is also time for recreation and reflection.  

Schedule and Cost
The total cost for the entire trip (food, transportation, lodging) is only $25!
We will leave for DC on Friday, October 15, afternoon and return to William & Mary in the afternoon on Tuesday, October 19.  
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