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"Walking onto William & Mary's campus this fall, I was far from home, I didn't know anyone, and I felt as though I would never find my place. It wasn't until I walked through the doors at CCM that I finally felt welcomed, supported, and most importantly, loved. CCM has led me further toward Christ in more ways than I ever thought possible, and has provided a home for me when I needed it most."

-Elli Davis, 2023


Catholic Campus Ministry was founded in 1923 as the “Gibbons Club” at William & Mary by a professor and a small group of dedicated Catholic students who desired to establish a Catholic organization at William & Mary. Within a decade of the Club's founding, a chapel had been constructed, and a permanent Catholic presence established. While the name has changed a few times over the past century, and the ministry methods have evolved to meet the needs of each generation, the mission has remained the same: to make God known on the campus of William & Mary.


But the story of Catholic Campus Ministry is not ultimately the story of an organization or an institution. The story of CCM is found in the individual stories of the students, like Elli, who are at the heart of this mission. As we learn their stories, we begin to see common threads that weave through so many of them. At the core of these stories are three main themes which form our ministry’s core values: Belonging, Discipleship, and Leadership.​




“Those who come here, belong here,” reads the 1949 Student Handbook of the College of William & Mary. At the heart of this “first tradition of belonging” that is held so dear at William & Mary, is an even deeper reality. For at the deepest level of the human experience is a universal desire for communion – the desire to know, and to be known by another.

In our ministry at William & Mary, our first task is to form a community in which that desire is satisfied – a space where students are free to be themselves, knowing that they will be received and loved as they are. A place where they truly belong. Students are hungry for deep, authentic friendships: friendships that go beyond the surface, where they are challenged and encouraged to become the men and women God is calling them to be.



A disciple is one who has heard the message of Christ and made a choice to follow Him. Discipleship cannot be stumbled into, inherited, or entered into halfheartedly. It is an intentional, lifelong process of being conformed more and more to Christ.

As we meet students where they are, and as they are, our essential call is to introduce students to Christ, and to invite them into an ever-deepening relationship with Him. CCM walks alongside students in this relationship, helping to facilitate special moments of encounter and daily habits of discipleship.



Our world is desperate for leaders who are men and women of integrity, virtue, and faith. College is a time when students are asking the big questions in life – they are discerning their vocations, discovering their gifts, and charting their course for the future. CCM is walking with them in the midst of this, sharing the wisdom of our Catholic faith.

Forming students in Christian leadership is at the heart of CCM’s ministry model. Students are not passive consumers of ministry, but active participants in crafting a vision and bringing that vision forth. Students emerge from CCM as leaders in their communities: they go on to become our priests, lay ministers, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, and business leaders. 



The current pandemic we are experiencing his impacted nearly every aspect of daily life in some way, including the way we minister to students at William & Mary. And while the larger in-person events that we are used to hosting each fall semester haven't been possible in the same way this year, our staff and student leaders have figured out many new and creative ways to carry out our ministry.

Even in the midst of this unprecedented time, we continue to see growth in participation in our CCM activities. This semester, we have also seen more and more students coming through the doors of our CCM Student Center, where they find a quiet place to study, a place to chat over coffee with our Chaplain or Director, or just a place to relax for a bit. (We are following all of the important health and safety protocols in our center, recognizing that physical health and spiritual health go hand-in-hand.)

As we continue to serve the students of William & Mary, we are more reliant than ever on the generous partnership of alumni, parents, and community members to keep these doors open to welcome students wherever they are in their journey of faith, always encouraging them to grow closer to the Lord through prayer, fellowship, service, and study. So this #GivingTuesday, here is what we are asking of you:

Give. Every gift, of any size, makes a difference. Gifts to Catholic Campus Ministry are tax deductible, and receive a donation receipt.

Pray. Pray for the students we serve at William & Mary, that they would continue to grow in knowledge and love of God.

Share. Help us get the word out about our mission through "sharing" this campaign on social media and among your friends and family, so that more people can join us on mission.

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